A Christmas Caroline

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Every day is like Christmas for Caroline, a young blond editor at Presents, the shopping magazine. Every day brings more free Guccis and Pradas for her magazine and her closet. But the actual Christmas is a drag: everyone gets presents.

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A Christmas Caroline

Caroline is a perfect size 0 with the best blond hair money can buy, a wit as sharp as her stilettos, and a job at the center of the fashion universe: she’s the accessories editor for a shopping magazine. Every day Gucci and Hermès send her their latest items, free, begging her to try them. Which is why Christmas, to Caroline, is such a bore: not only does she keep getting accosted by creepy sidewalk Santas and bombarded by kitschy holiday tunes, but it’s the one day when everyone else gets presents.

This Christmas Eve, she’s stuck in Manhattan, embarrassingly boyfriendless, while her fabulous designer mother jets off to a mysterious place called Branson. But things are about to get even worse, thanks to a hideous pair of furry boots, a conniving redheaded assistant named Ursula Heep, and a totally random visit from the ghost of her ex-roommate, Carly. Carly’s ghost warns that three more spirits are on the way. If Caroline doesn’t make things right with all the people she’s sneered at on her way to the top, she could wind up facing a fate worse than an outfit from the Salvation Army.

The Devil Wears Prada meets Charles Dickens in this holiday treat—a hilariously hip, delightfully irreverent take on a classic tale.


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