A Taste of Croatia

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A Taste of Croatia: Savoring the Food, People and Traditions of Croatia’s Adriatic Coast

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A Taste of Croatia – Savoring the Food, People and Traditions of Croatia’s Adriatic Coast

A Taste of Croatia… savoring the food, people and traditions of Croatias Adriatic coast… is both a user-friendly cookbook and an intriguing travel memoir dedicated to the land that the New York Times recently dubbed the New Riviera. Packed with straight-forward recipes, photos, food facts and anecdotes, the author has created a publication that goes beyond the bounds of what makes a great cookbook… she delivers the spirit of the culture, the country and the cuisine and then ties it all together with a collection of recipes that will make you want to run to your kitchen and start cooking.

Today, throughout America, we are hearing more and more about the benefits of eating fresh, seasonal, local foods that are grown and produced using sustainable methods. However, for todays cooks, it can be difficult to know exactly how to incorporate these concepts into our busy lives without it being too complicated, time consuming or expensive. Toss in a dash of ethnicity and even the most competent home cook can become discouraged. Fear not A Taste of Croatia provides a straightforward and easy way to celebrate a culture whose dishes can be created anywhere fresh ingredients can be found…all the while capturing you with an inspiring story that will allow you to set out on your own adventure…without leaving your favorite chair.

A Taste of Croatia is based on the author and her husbands three-year odyssey sailing the Adriatic coast and living aboard their 50-foot sailboat. It is the story of the lands they explored, the people they met, the markets they visited and the foods they enjoyed. Presented as a well organized, easy-to-use cookbook, most of the recipes have been savored by generations of Croatians and all of the recipes have been adapted for use in American kitchens. It is the authors hope to provide each reader with his or her own enriching, delicious, inspiring and thought-provoking taste of Croatia.


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